Welcome to Villari’s of Palmer, MA!

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Villari Shaolin Kempo Karate logo

For over 45 Years Villari’s has been the foremost in martial arts training. With over 100 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada you will not find a stronger martial arts institution anywhere. Since its inception, Villari’s has taught more than 15,000,000 students & brought more than 10,000 of them to black belt.

Studying the martial arts is an excellent way to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, reflexes and timing.

What sets the martial arts apart from other sports is that it also helps build social confidence and character by reinforcing the values of self-control, respect, self-discipline and responsibility.

These qualities build inner strength and make one confident and secure in the face of life’s adversities.

The physical benefits include increased energy, reduced stress, toning and strengthening your muscles, and overall improved health!

Three Rules of the School:

Self Discipline
Self Control

Five Animals

Strength and Tenacity

Speed and Power

Grace and Balance

Suppleness, Rhythmic Endurance and Inner Power

Ride the Wind, Fighting Spirit

Other Important Information:

  • School closing due to holidays will be posted.
  • On occasion, due to poor weather conditions, we will cancel classes  to ensure the safety of our students and instructors. We will make every effort to post a cancellation notice on our calendar.
  • ONLY martial arts T-shirts are allowed to be worn in place of the Gi top from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  • Uniforms should be kept clean. The uniform is not to be used as play clothes or pajamas.
  • Although we want to have fun, it is important to be respectful to the instructors and fellow students. Disruptive students take away from the learning process.
  • Students learning techniques should NEVER teach other students. Instructors and assistant instructors will teach material.
  • The monthly tuition covers a month of martial arts training. It is the students responsibility to attend the scheduled classes.
  • Practicing your material at home is extremely important. It will take longer for you to advance if the instructors have to re-teach material each class.
  • If you arrive early and there is another class going on please sit quietly until the class is done.